So after a quick run down the Fest 12 bands, there’s almost 1,000 male band members and under 40 women. That ratio seems rather absurd.


Is there a way you can stop a particular person’s posts being reblogged into your dash? I could live without this right now. 

I want to start a new zine and I want there to be real progress this time. I’ve been writing so much; explorations in and realisations about my own gender, music I’ve discovered, body positivity, reflections on personal experiences with feminism/religion/body hair, subverting the male gaze, some tales of funny things that have happened to me, even a review of a particularly great museum I went to. I wrote about the sexism I have witnessed in the music scene I am a part of for a friend’s zine last year and got some really great feedback at the time, and my friend Dot just asked to share the article with a panel of woman musicians who played a ladyfest at her college (Hampshire) this weekend just past, which is really encouraging to me. I am going to keep up with this.